About SlabZone

Online Slab inventory database.

SlabZone is developed and maintained by SlabCloud, LLC - company that provides Slabsmith inventory web integrations.
With constantly increasing inquiries from people looking where they can find stone for their project or if we can direct them to the fabricators in their area, we came up with a solution - "SlabZone.com"

The idea of SlabZone is to be beneficial for both fabricators and customers by providing fabricators' contact and stone inventory information to the public. Customers will get information about what stone is offered in their area and ultimately bring more business to the fabricators. It will work as a directory of the fabricators and stone available in the area and lead the customer to the fabricator that provides the desired stone.

Please note that all transactions and communications will be done directly between fabricators/distributors and SlabZone visitors. SlabCloud will not in any way be involved in the sale discussions, offers or transactions.